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Electric Rides for Businesses

Electric scooters, electric bikes, and electric rides are the future of transportation. Compared to public transportation, vehicles, and bikes, electric rides are cost effective and environmentally friendly. We have the perfect micro-mobility solutions for a range of verticals such as large corporates with employee discount programs, marina boating communities, exhibition centers, RV parks, campgrounds, equestrian ranches any many more!   

Business Benefits

Corporate, Business & Commercial Partnerships

Add electric rides to your transportation options to increase staff mobility, boost employee energy levels and morale, and lower your business’ carbon footprint. 

Affiliate Partnerships

Show the world how you roll by sharing your love for scooters. If you’ve got a community that listens and a voice that you aren’t afraid to use, you’re the one we’re looking for. 

Rental Partnerships

Offer electric rides as a revenue generator to your existing business. A modernized value-add for business such as marinas and campgrounds, your customers will enjoy getting around on a road or off-road electric ride. 

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