About Shop eScooters

Shop eScooters was founded by a team of sporting enthusiasts & outdoor adventurers.  Driven by a passion for game-changing technology that improves lives, the team at Shop eScooters is helping make electric scooters, electric bikes and electric rides the future of transportation and fun for every age group.  Headquartered in CT, our mission is provide the best electric rides - and be the best at doing it. For people going places, Shop eScooters will get you on the go!

Our Promise 

The team at shopescooters.com has hand-picked some awesome electric scooters and electric rides for you and your family to enjoy.  We are an authorized retailer for the following electric brands:

  • Razor
  • Segway
  • Onewheel (Future Motion)
  • YuJet
  • MotoTec
  • Summerboard
  • Cycleboard
  • FatTire Golf
  • Jupiter Bike

You can have confidence knowing that we are a secure web site powered by Shopify, a leading global eCommerce platform, and that we only work directly with top manufacturers to ensure you get the very best quality electric scooters and electric rides available at the best possible online price. 

Safety and Legislation

Your safety is of paramount importance to us and we recommend that you check all state and local safety laws regarding the use electric scooters.

Contact Us 

We'd love to hear from you! If you have any pre-sales, customer support questions or for more information about our company, Media Merce LLC DBA Shop eScooters, then please contact us.

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