CycleBoard Elite Pro 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

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  • Range up to 25 miles per charge
  • 4-5 hour charge time
  • 614W battery
  • Top speed 27 MPH

The Elite Pro 3-wheel electric scooter is a hyper-fast, hyper-agile vehicle engineered with the perfect power to weight ratio for peak performance. Our custom-designed pneumatic street tires offer maximum grip enhancing stability for carving and high speed turns. The Elite Pro’s electronics powerhouse combines an 48v 1000w Brushless/Gearless silent rear hub motor with a 614wh battery for instant acceleration and faster top speeds.

The Elite Pro electric scooter comes equipped with full suspension for vibration absorption and a smoother ride. Responsive brakes combine hydraulic braking with electronic braking for complete control. The scooter's intuitive 3-wheel, lean to steer design with patented linkage system (PLS) combines the ultimate experience in steering and stability with the power and performance to guarantee a thrilling ride every time you take it out.

The CycleBoard Elite Pro battery pack contains 52 lithium-ion cells for 614Wh of energy and 26 miles per charge. We design and build batteries using genuine LG MH1 and Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion battery cells on the market. A quick swap battery design lets you charge your battery in or out of the scooter.

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  • Hill Climb Up to 25% Grade
  • Power 48v 1000w Brushless/Gearless Silent Rear Hub Motor
  • Ride Modes - 5 Modes for maximum speed control
  • Brakes Hydraulic rear disc brake (180mm) + Electronic Braking
  • Tires 8.5" x 2.25" pneumatic front tires / 9" x 3" semi-pneumatic rear tire
  • Battery Access Hinging Deck / Quick Swap
  • Security Frame hole locking location
  • Dimensions 41" (L) x 20" (front wheelbase) x 8.5" deck width
  • Portable Quick fold handle