Ninebot eKickscooter F30 by Segway

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  • Quick Folding System
  • 3 Riding Modes
  • Electronic Brake & Disc Brake
  • Patented Anti-skid Tubeless Tires

Quick Folding System
With the Quick Folding System, the F Series can be easily folded in 1 second to store in the trunk. Also, equipped with the folding mechanism of the high-end folding scooters, it is safe and durable.

Anti-skid Water Grooves on Tire Surface
Enhanced with polymer lining and wear-resistant tread, the F30 offers an elevated riding experience with the combination of comfort and endurance to increase safety while riding. Compared to average tires on the market, the 10-inch pneumatic tires increase durability, prick resistance, and comfort.

High-tenacity Structural Steel Frame
All-round Collision Avoidance. The high-strength steel frame provides comprehensive protection for the vehicle body to prevent deformation. The payload is up to 265 lbs (100 kg).

E-ABS Electronic Brake & Disc Brake
Equipped with a front-wheel mechanical drum brake and a regenerative electric rear brake, the dual brake system offers more stability and better steering to ensure a safe ride. In addition, the 140 mm disc brakes increase reaction time by up to 27% and respond in 0.1 s.

High Durability Motor
With the powerful brushless direct current motor, the Ninebot KickScooter F30 delivers a fast and sturdy riding experience. The use of a high power heat dissipation force increases the service life of the motor, and the low heat prevents the motor from burning out.

Warranty Information


  • 10-inch Pneumatic Tire
  • 3 Million Vibration Tests
  • Electronic Brake & Disc Brake
  • Patented Anti-skid Tubeless Tires
  • Brake
  • Shock Absorption
  • Built-In Front LED Lights
  • 55-265 lbs (25-100 kg) Payload
  • Quick Folding System
  • 3 Riding Modes