Uber’s JUMP e-scooters land in Arlington, Alexandria

You know when Uber gets into the e-scooter game, an industry is validated. So its great news that Uber has deployed some of its JUMP dockless electric scooters in Virginia around Arlington County and Alexandria.

As is the case in D.C., where JUMP is one of several e-scooter companies operating, users can reserve and access the scooters in Arlington and Alexandria through the Uber app on Apple and Android.

In Arlington, the number of dock-less electric scooter companies operating is now more than a half dozen with the addition of JUMP.

The scooters are currently operating under an Arlington County demonstration program that began last fall. Other companies in Arlington are Bolt, Bird, Lime, Lyft, Skip and Spin.

The City of Alexandria is allowing scooters as part of a pilot program.

In the District, Bird, Bolt, Jump, Lime, Lyft, Skip and Spin all operate e-scooters, with Hopr and Razo recently getting conditional approvals, pending permit fee payments.

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