Responsible Adventuring with Electric Scooters

The collective outdoor community is built on the same thing: that amazing feeling of freedom. Whether it’s taking your electric scooter around town, a day-hike in the mountains, or an expedition around the world, outdoor enthusiasts like to push limits. So, clearly, staying home is a tall order.

It’s still OK to enjoy the outdoors

Whether you use your electric scooter, walk, hike, bike, or ski, the important caveat is that you should enjoy the activity by yourself or with just one other, and only if you live with that person. Running shouldn’t be an excuse to catch up with a friend or a good way to date your Bumble match. Just a healthy break from reality that still requires you to stay six feet away from everyone, even while outside.

Stay local

Now is a great time to try exploring your own neighborhood. Travel increases our ability to spread an infection, often putting smaller communities with fewer resources at risk. Even driving to a state park an hour from your house increases the chance you run into others on the trail. The best thing we all can do is keep it ultra-local for the time being.

Avoid crowds