Razor RSF650 Electric Sports Bike

Razor’s RSF650 looks fast and has the engine to match the looks. Capable of taking riders up to 17mph, this electric-powered bike features a resilient steel trellis frame, disc brakes and rear suspension. Feed your inner speed demon with the Razor RSF650 street bike!

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The low-profile RSF650 has a robust design thanks to the bright red steel frame and hanging rear seat. It’s a lot larger than most pocket bikes and is less kids toy and more high-performance electric bike. The Razor RSF650 Electric Sports Bike has angles that deliver a stylish, street performance look.

RSF650 Engine
The 650W engine is powered by three lead acid batteries, delivering a top speed of 17mph and this electric street bike is more than capable of reaching that speed with a 220lbs rider on top! Using a chain driven motor, the Razor RSF650 electric bike delivers considerable amounts of torque whilst the variable speed gives riders an added layer of control.

The Ride
We were very impressed with the acceleration on offer which makes it possible to scale ramps with ease. The acceleration means you’ll be cruising at the upper limits in no-time at all.

The bike is fitted out with a sturdy front fork made from steel and rear suspension to reduce the impact of drops or hills. Combined with the air-filled tires we were very satisfied with just how comfortable this bike is to ride.

Razor RSF650

Customizable Tires
The tires are pneumatic with a street style tread. At full capacity, the RSF650 delivers an impressive amount of control and you can customize them easily using a simple bicycle pump. They’re 12” high and use spokes to help distribute impact and relieve pressure from the frame.

The Brakes
Front and rear disc brakes are responsible for delivering exceptionally short stopping distances. We felt the brakes, operated via the handle-bars, provided a superb balance to the ruthless acceleration. Disc-brakes are also sharp in wet weather conditions which is a clear advantage.

RSF650 Setup
Initially setup was quite easy thanks to the clear and concise instructions. You’ll have to attach the front forks yourself, fill the tires alongside screwing in the mud-guards and windscreen.

One of the major advantages of investing in a well-known brand like Razor is the ability to purchase replacement parts and fit them yourself, expanding life-span of your investment.

Razor RSF650 Electric Sports Bike

Battery life
From a single-charge you can expect a ride time of 50 minutes which is a lot longer than most bikes in this price range. The range is impressive, but the charge time was a bit of a let-down. It’s important to make sure you charge the bike at least once a month as well to avoid battery decay.

The RSF650 is available at a great price and has the advantage of zero-emissions and no fuel costs. Considering the build quality, steel materials and the option to invest in replacement parts, we think this price represents exceptional value for money. You can expect many years of usage and you’re likely to outgrow the bike before it outlives its usage.


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