Razor Dirt Quad 500 - ATV optimal for off roading

The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad is sure to put a permanent smile on your face. Comparable to the Electric Youth ATV, the Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad is a very powerful all-terrain vehicle that lets you have fun knowing that you are safe while enjoying any weather or terrain.

The team at Shop eScooters also loves this this ATV quad because it has a load capacity of up to 220 lbs. This makes it the most ideal electric ATV for kids and adults for sale on the market.  Whether its for rugged play as a Rocky Mountains ATV or for relaxed riding in your own backyard, this four wheeler, out of all the electric ATVs, is optimal for off roading.

Razor is a dynamic manufacturer that employs a team of skilled engineers who have integrated innovative features into the Razor 500 and as a result it fits all customers’ "eScooted needs".  Among the features of this electric ATV, are a powerful chain-driven motor that’s both silent and kid-friendly, rubberized all-terrain tires that operate safely on wet, sandy, or rough roads, and a solid rear suspension that enables young riders to enjoy a smooth ride.

Razor Dirt Quad ATV with rear suspension for a saferide

Benefits of the Razor 500 DLX Electric ATV for Adults for Sale:

  • 500-watt chain driven motor
  • Four 13-inch rubberized tires for increased speed and reliability in any terrain
  • Well-cushioned seat protected with mud flaps
  • Powerful 36-volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery with a record 60 minutes of eco drive time
  • Easy start switch

ATV with an easy start switch on the handlebars

Things to note:

  • No reverse option
  • Lack of headlights and tail lights

In conclusion, the Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad Bike is one of the safest ATV quad bikes on the market, with a cool and sporty appearance. Despite lacking headlights and a reverse option, this ATV is great value for money because it is extremely powerful, safe, durable, and eco-friendly, making this four wheeler for sale the perfect option for riders who enjoy outdoor adventures. Having received 5 star ratings from our customers, the Razor 500 is an authentic electric ride worth the price!